Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Asbestos in the Ground and on Job Sites a Concern for Some Communities

Earlier this year, some Dania Beach residents had to contend with a pile of asbestos-laden dirt in a mound on a property near the Melaleuca Gardens neighborhood. Asbestos can wind up in dirt piles and underground as a result of demolition projects. When disturbed, this asbestos may endanger the health of surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Asbestos, once commonly used in construction projects, has largely faded away as a building material as builders have gone away from using it because of the dangers associated with the substance. People exposed to asbestos over lengthy periods of time may develop an array of devastating diseases and health conditions, including mesothelioma, asbestosis and severe breathing problems. For this reason, many people hire top asbestos removal companies to root out the substance from houses, schools and other structures. Businesses that perform asbestos abatement fort lauderdale work can help customers get asbestos out of structures in Hollywood, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Margate, Davie, Fort Lauderdale and other area cities.

Asbestos contamination remains a problem for Miami residents and for people who work in or visit the city. Aging hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, condominiums and office buildings across the city may contain asbestos in walls, ceilings and other areas. Developers that redevelop sites across the city may unearth buried asbestos inadvertently. Firms that offer asbestos removal miami services help address asbestos in the ground along with asbestos within houses and buildings.

Asbestos in older buildings like courthouses, libraries and schools in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida cities concerns many people. Workers and parents of students worry that asbestos in these buildings could endanger the health of people who spend time within such structures. Asbestos that becomes friable can break down into microscopic fibers. If this asbestos gets disturbed, people can easily and unknowingly inhale asbestos fibers, putting them at risk of developing forms of cancer and/or breathing problems later on in life. Asbestos-related diseases sometimes do not become evident until years or even decades after victims’ exposure to the substance.