Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Many People Exposed to Asbestos on Construction Sites

Demolitions and renovations of buildings may expose workers in Florida to asbestos.

A recent post on a construction blog based in the United Kingdom estimates that as many as one in four construction workers in the UK have been exposed to asbestos on the job. Although such estimates do not necessarily correlate to the risk of exposure in Florida and other locations across the United States, risks for asbestos exposure remain high for many workers in construction-related industries. Workers involved in renovating and/or demolishing old buildings in places like Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami and Jacksonville may face asbestos exposure during this work.
Workers on job sites may also face dangers from asbestos left behind from old buildings that has contaminated dirt and soil. Firms that specialize in asbestos testing and asbestos remediation can inspect job sites and construction sites to determine the level of danger posed by asbestos within buildings and within the ground. General contractors and construction companies may want to hire credible asbestos testing jacksonville businesses to inspect their sites before breaking ground to protect workers from exposure to asbestos, a deadly contaminant that causes forms of cancer along with respiratory diseases.
The construction projects that routinely take place in large cities across the state and nationwide may put the health of workers and people in surrounding communities at risk if the companies performing the work do not take measures to contain contaminants like asbestos. Projects in places like Orlando, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami can become safer with the services of leading asbestos abatement orlando companies, which safely eliminate asbestos from buildings undergoing renovations and demolitions. These companies locate and eliminate asbestos from walls, ceilings, flooring and other parts of structures. Asbestos nestled inside buildings can become highly hazardous to people’s health if damaged or disrupted during construction work. Tiny asbestos fibers can become airborne during such work, and unsuspecting people can easily inhale the substance, potentially leading to conditions like lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Asbestos Exposure No Laughing Matter

Many people have knocked this ad by Snickers.

The recently released Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue featured a mock ad on its back cover. The ad by Snickers, featuring a model wearing a bikini on top of a protective hazmat suit, attempted to poke fun at the magazine, but many have derided the ad for downplaying the seriousness and dangers of asbestos exposure, which kills thousands each year across the country. People may face exposure to asbestos while performing home renovations like removing flooring and knocking down walls. People exposed to asbestos can develop deadly diseases and health conditions like mesothelioma and asbestosis.
Although use of asbestos has dwindled substantially in recent decades, the substance remains legal in the United States. Thousands of structures across the country, including many in Florida locations like Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach and Fort Lauderdale, contain asbestos in walls, ceilings, flooring and other parts. People who get exposed to asbestos in their homes, in their workplaces or in spaces like schools, libraries, courthouses, churches, civic centers and hotels could become sick due to this exposure. Top asbestos abatement companies across South Florida help people find, identify and eliminate this carcinogen from buildings and structures across the region.

People in South Florida who take the risks of asbestos exposure seriously can hire top testing companies to determine if their homes or workplaces contain this dangerous contaminant. The best asbestos testing miami businesses provide customers with definitive answers regarding how much asbestos their structures have and identify where the asbestos exists within buildings.

Residents, municipalities, businesses and other entities can enlist the services of licensed asbestos removal fort lauderdale companies and professionals to safely and properly eliminate asbestos from private homes, houses of worship, hospitals, stores, schools and other buildings in places like Plantation, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Miramar, Dania Beach and Davie. The proper removal of asbestos eliminates a cancer-causing agent responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each year nationwide.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Beware Fraudulent Asbestos Inspectors

Hire licensed and reputable asbestos testing companies in South Florida to get the most accurate and reliable results.
Identifying the risk of harmful contaminants can become a life-or-death matter on job sites across the South Florida area, where developers may look to re-develop prime real estate in cities like Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, turning run-down properties into profitable ventures like condominiums and shopping centers. Typically, building departments across the region will require builders, general contractors and other entities to test older buildings and job sites for asbestos and other contaminants before issuing building permits. Structures like apartment buildings, shopping plazas and houses built prior to the 1980s may contain asbestos and other contaminants that could harm people’s health and the environment. A recent story out of New York City may make businesses question whom they hire for asbestos testing services. The city arrested and pressed charges against 17 asbestos inspectors for conducting fraudulent examinations and falsifying reports to conceal the presence of asbestos, a potentially deadly and carcinogenic building material found in many older buildings.

Residents and workers exposed to asbestos at job sites may have legal recourse against builders and developers who do not adequately remediate against the substance in South Florida. Companies may want to hire licensed and reputable businesses that offer asbestos testing miami services to discover what hazards lie within old buildings that they would like to demolish and old sites that they wish to redevelop. The best asbestos remediation companies in South Florida provide reliable testing results for the contaminant at job sites and locations across the region.

Leading asbestos abatement fort lauderdale firms in South Florida help clients determine the risks posed by asbestos and develop a plan to deal with those risks, limiting potential asbestos exposure for the public and employees who work at job sites. Top abatement companies protect their clients from potential legal ramifications that could come about if people became exposed to asbestos.